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Want to know what services we offer?

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Complete Rustproofing

Our complete rustproof service will increase the life of your vehicle and improve resale value.

Our complete rustproofing service will ensure peace of mind as we target all trouble spots within the vehicle. We completely clean all dirt, grease and rust build-up using steam cleaning. Targeting the under-body, engine bay, inside door panels and tail light/head light fittings.

Underbody Rustproofing

The under-body rustproof technology we use is second to none.

Steam cleaning your entire vehicles under carriage we then treat using only the best chemical treatment. We have in place environmental measures to ensure these chemicals do not drain into the environment.

After Beach Wash

Our after beach service will ensure that your 4WD will be as protected as it can be.

All salt and sand is removed from the underside of your vehicle using steam cleaning.  We can take all the hassles and worry away from you when you leave your car with us for its after beach wash.


Steam Cleans & Degreasing

We do degreasing for Road Worthy Certificates and Pre-Mechanical work using the only true and tested way – STEAM CLEANING! other guys use pressure hosing, but it simply doesn’t work to remove all grease and grime. We can make your engine sparkle again with a engine bay steam clean out.